Hotel Thilanka sits majestically in the city of all cities – Kandy. Surrounded by the mist-veiled Hunnasgiriya mountains and the lush Udawattakelle natural reserve, it overlooks the great city of Kandy. Hotel Thilanka is a tapestry of colours, like a rich, vibrant, Kandyan painting. Adorned in bues of ruby reds, brillant yellows, warm orange and subtle temple motifs, it’s like a page out of the Mahavansa. Elements of Kandyan tradition and culture, precious antiques, local arts and crafts, and glass bowls of fresh lotus flowers make up its regal interiors.


Feast your senses in its luxurious and opulent comfort. Take a refreshing dip in the turquoise blue teardrop pool or lounge on the deck with Kandy stretched out before you like a picturesque canvas. Trek into the wilderness of the nearby Udewattakelle or the many cultural hotspots and immerse yourself in local culture and history. Gorge on delicious culinary assortments fit for royal palettes. Brimming with colour, culture and charm the hotel is much like the city, its – unforgettable!


Our oldest suite boasts a spacious balcony overlooking the Kandy Bogambara lake and the hotel gardens. Evenings out here are simply divine, with the continuous gentle breeze to accompany you as you chat, sip a drink or watch the sun fade over the ancient city.


We’ve taken the serenity inside too, with traditional furnishings and linen all of the finest organic and handloom cotton. The decor is subtle, just handcrafted accents in earthy tones.


You shower and you will find the water closet area on the other hand is elegantly designed to meet your every need. Apart from all the facilities of our regular rooms, we have extra living and utility/ pantry space here. So you can entertain in comfort and do your ironing and morning brewing in peace.


This suite is also interconnected to extra rooms, if you have kids or want to bring a party.


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Kandy, Sri Lanka.
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